17. 2. 2017

CITY ARENA fulfills its the promises. Czech music band Lucie will have the only public concert only at Anton Malatinsky´s stadium this year.

City Arena - Štadión Antona Malatinského will welcome Czech and Slovak music legendary music band Lucie on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 21:00. Lucie celebrated its thirtieth birthday last year.

City Arena concert fulfills the promise of the multi-functionality of the newly-built stadium. The first solo concert took place at CITY ARENA in August last year.

The uniqueness of the concert, in addition to its exclusivity is based on the fact that CITY ARENA will allow the music fans to go to the football area. In June when the concert will take place the stadium will have a brand new lawn. Of course, it will be covered with a special board system during the concert.

Tickets are already on sale at and